Lack of sleep and s’mores

To my readers, I would like you to know that my iPhone (my only source of Internet the past few days) hates me! No seriously! I have tried three different times in the past few days to post, and it failed every single time.
So here I am, with two days left in Indianapolis and one day of yet another twelve hour drive. The kids didn’t make it as far as we had hoped, but hey they made it to Nationals, and I call that a big deal!
Though I can’t complain about tonight. S’mores, a campfire and sitting in the hot tub. Thank God for the relaxation.
So the past few days have been pretty crazy and exciting, and very challenging. My patience have been tested beyond what I would want them to be especially on this trip. I have gotten to spend time with three of my favorite students and some pretty great people altogether. I wish though that I could get some more pictures, they aren’t much into just walking or anything, though we will be in the heart of Indy again tomorrow, so I might escape to do a photo shoot while they are doing their thing. Hitting the sheets soon I hope, I need all the sleep I can get!



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