A Writer’s Rant

There is something seriously wrong with me! I have been a writer my whole life, writing creatively, well constantly. Song lyrics, poems, short stories, everything. And now all I seem to be able to write is monologue! I hope this is only a patch that will go away soon, because I can’t take it much longer, writing was and still is my life. And I need that life back, now!
Monologue is good, yes, at least it’s writing…but I will not settle! That book isn’t going to finish itself…


2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Rant

  1. writing is writing. a blog or a journal, a poem, a short story, a novel. give yourself credit for all of your work, even those that are small. i get the frustration from the stall on your book, but sometimes your brain needs a break.

    suggestion: maybe try a word tree. think of a word, write it down, and then write down the next word you think of. make sure the word you start with is relevant to your characters. you’ll create new scenes and dialogue that is relevant and fills in the cracks =) it’s a great compromise for your “break” from the book. keep us posted!


    • Wow thanks Dress in Ink, I really needed that encouragement I’ve played word association with students before trying to get them going with improv and their forensics pieces. But I don’t think I would have thought to use it in my own writing. I’ll be trying it and keeping everyone posted in the next couple of days.


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