Kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

Life never happens at the right time,

People never show up when we want

them to, they make you question

things, they make decisions hard, and

they make life, just not fair. You love

them, but you hate them.


The photos i was hoping to post are unfortunately going to have to be retaken due to some lack of technology smarts. I’m hoping to get my camera out a little more often this week, it’s a crazy time right now, but also a good time. My birthday is on Friday, and I’m needless to say, very excited, for the four celebrations i will be having (one being the Carrie Underwood/Hunter Hayes concert that happened last night.)

With winter getting closer, i can’t help but think about the fact that i am supposed to be leaving for New York at the beginning of January. I am so very excited, and i really want to, but am also rather terrified.
 I am currently very exhausted, and am hoping to get to bed early, hope everyone has a great Monday.


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