Lack of Motivation

Hey all! Well things have been stress city for me. I’m less than two weeks from my final, I have a huge pile of homework do before then, it’s cold, and I’m sick. Not contagious sick, and because of finals I still have to go to class. Which I suppose is good because I have been skipping out on two of them for a while now. Saying that I’m burnt out on classes and even my job, is an understatement. But hey I have had time to do a little reading (translation: reading instead of homework) Ted Dekker’s “The Sanctuary” to be exact. Which I have to say has been pretty awesome, it’s a classic Dekker thriller like Adam or House. All three come highly recommended in my books.
And I do have a bit of exciting news, my little sister is graduating from a program in Colorado, so as of the 14th of December I will be taking a road trip for five days! Which means lots and lots of pictures! Even if I have to take the car from my family and go by myself.

So if any of you have ever been and have any suggestions on things and places I have to do or see, let me know!


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