Praise for Sanctuary by Ted Dekker

Ok so I finished the latest Ted Dekker a little while ago now, (and i haven’t posted due to the extreme amount of homework and preparation for finals i’ve had to go through) and I couldn’t put it down! Ted is back to his amazing, gut wrenching thriller writing.
Alright so what I didn’t realize is that Sanctuary has a prequel, which is The Priest’s Graveyard which I am reading now, though both are so great that they could stand alone. But since I have fully read Sanctuary, here you go.
Sanctuary is a story about a priest who is thrown into prison because he was accused of murder, but not just any prison, there’s something different about this one, its called The Sanctuary, and the warden calls himself god. The warden says that all are sinners and all must be saved, but what measures is he willing to go to? Does the priest really need saving?
Oh and the priest has a wife, while the priest is stuck in prison, someone is after Renee, making threats and giving ultimatums. But who? Will she be able to stop the threats against her and her husband, with the help of an attorney before one of them is killed?
Find out! Trust me when I say that this book is one you won’t want to put down. Like all of Ted’s books, he leaves you asking questions about life and faith, in a very disturbing and amazing way.
I recently watched an interview (when I say recently it could have been a month ago) of Ted on The 700 club, and he was talking about fear. And he states that he didn’t like writing about fear, because he didn’t like fear, but that was also the exact reason that he wrote it. He said that we should write about what we fear because its helpful in more than one way.
He also pointed out something that I have never realized before. He was talking about the verse in the bible that says “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” And the key word he pointed out was “shadow.” Fear, death, and evil are only shadows!!! Therefore we have no reason to fear them, because shadows can’t exist without the light. And I was going to end with something that I’d written, but for some reason it is hiding so on that note, have an awesome day, and read Ted Dekker!

By the way, visit Ted on Facebook and sign up to get a free copy of his latest work!


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