And she’s back!

Hey readers, so as I lay here in bed I have to make a confession and an apology.
I have thought a few times in the past few months about shutting this blog down. I have had many opportunities in the past month to find out what it is that I really want and what it is that I am truly passionate about.
Beginning in January I decided that I wasn’t going back to school for the semester and I got a job with a finance company (which I completely came to hate) during which time I learned that I was also having some medical issues that needed to be resolved through a pretty extensive surgery. I lost the job I hates due to medical reasons and was in bed for about three plus weeks of the last two months. But it was during this time that I got to work on some of the projects that have been sitting in the closet and in my notebooks for quite some time. I have always been very passionate about reading and writing, hints the reason for this blog and that will never change. But I realized that those aren’t my entire soul purpose in life, while they are still and always will be a big part of who I am I realized that i was limiting myself so much and what I really want to do is design. Design as in interior and fashion, I gave up on this blog for a while because I had lost my fire. But I realized that I never lost it, I was just waiting for it to come back to a place that it was bound and determined to stay away from. I wasn’t letting my other passions come through because I was so solely focused on the one thing. Which was I have to say a huge mistake, because I could have been so much happier so much sooner.
Now for the apology, for those of you who have been faithful readers to my blog; I am truly sorry for disappearing like that. I am back now and I am turning this thing around. I can’t say for me that it’s really making a change but as far as the blog goes yes I suppose it is. I would like to share my projects, flea market finds, sewing tutorials, DIY’s, home decor, book reviews (again), my love of clothing and much much more. I love talking about, sharing and conversing with those who share my love of all things creative.
And who knows maybe someday I will wear the title “author-interior designer-fashionista…”
P.s. I’m actually pretty excited to be going back to school in the fall to get my associates in business (i think) so I can focus on a double major in “textile design” or interior/fashion design. Happy almost Saturday to all!!


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