Gold Rimmed Happiness

So yesterday was a particularly beautiful day here in Kansas and not having any work or school to do (ha!) I decided to go out and enjoy it for a few hours in the morning. There is a small wooden “play house” some might call it in our back hard, I prefer the term “fort.” This little fortress of solitude has a little roof over the top and just enough space for me to sprawl out with a pillow and a blanket, which is exactly what I did.

I took my notebook out just in case I got a giant rock of inspiration thrown at me, and my new beautiful copy of Emma by Jane Austen.

The gold rimmed pages make me so happy. Needless to say I should have left my phone inside do to the fact that whenever I choose to have “me” time, everyone else in the world gets a signal turned on in their heads that tells them that Tamela wishes to speak or see them immediately.

Then of course there’s certain beauties of nature that must be avoided…like Mosquitos, so I unfortunately had to bring the inspiration inside…which you’ll be happy to know led to a whole day of writing!

The one good thing that came from me having my phone is that I quite love the pictures I got and wanted to share with you. Happy Fall!!


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