Once In A Lifetime?

We’re brought up to believe that we’re only meant to fall in love once,
with the right person,
and at the perfect time,
and he (or she) will be our only love for the rest, or all of time.
But rest assured I have found this to be bullshit and those who taught us this to be morons.
Hear me out.
Love is too great of a human gift to only be meant for one person in a lifetime.
Never will you love another the way you did the one before, but you will find new ways of falling in love that are specific to the kind of love they radiate. You will come across all sorts of love in your lifetime, this isn’t wrong. You would be wrong if you didn’t show it and instead kept it hidden inside for just one being, or even worse, never to be used at all.
So dear one I tell you, don’t give your heart away, but don’t be afraid to share pieces of it with the world. For that is what it is meant for.


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