Spiderman Doesn’t Need Wings

I’ll leave you with a little thought for the day.

My heart likes to tell me to jump, “It’s only a little ways down.” It says, “you can make it.”                          But my head always likes to argue, always getting in the way, “Fine stupid,” it snickers at my heart, “Go ahead and jump, but guess what…” Dangling something before my face. “I took your wings.” It says as it shoves me off the building.

I’m quite honestly getting a little sick of the whole “What if I fall? Oh darling, but what if you fly?” quote….seriously is this getting old for anyone else? It’s just become a giant cliche for me.

The reason I used the analogy of wings is because of abilities to do things before our mind gets in the way. We get excited and passionate about something, we are all for it and then  we start to think about it and how hard and scary it sounds and then the giant road block goes up in your mind completely preventing you from doing it. One moment your heart is reaching far beyond for the sake of your passions and the next your head is doing everything it can to psyche you out of actually doing so. No we shouldn’t go running and jumping off of buildings (unless you are Spiderman, I know you want to be but don’t kid yourself) there is a difference between knowing what you want and just plain stupidity. We tell kids (and yes I believe I am old enough now to use that phrase) that it’s okay to dream about being whatever they want to be, and most little children firmly believe that they are going to grow up and be A Princess, The Hulk, Legolas, The president, etc etc. We know that this won’t happen but we let them think this all they want and they have no problem with it, they firmly believe that if they want to that it will happen. So what the heck happened to us as we became adults? Why can’t we believe the same things? If we put on a costume and ran around pretending to be someone else then we would have people staring and giving us life lectures (this is for those of you who do so with me, yay nerds!) The point is that somewhere in our lives, maybe when we became teenagers, somewhere in our lives we hit a point where we become too scared to do certain things, our confidence in our abilities is shot and killed, then beaten over and over again. How does the saying go? No sense in beating a dead horse…something like that. Maybe we’re not all like that, maybe it’s just me, if any of you out there have mastered the art of confidence and courage please come find me, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and you can share with me your deepest secrets, I think the rest of the world would agree that we would like to know. Is it all about the real thing, or is just a bunch of pretending?


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