Life in Six Words

I saw something today that prompted these random, or not so random six word phrases about life. Choose to view them how you wish.

  • She always hoped she’d loved enough.
  • To her, nothing was ever finished.
  • Where did all of it go?
  • She wore invisible secrets like tattoos.
  • She was always afraid to fail.
  • She wanted to tell him everything.
  • Ironically she writes to stay sane.
  • People will always let you down.
  • Duct tape fixes nothing that matters.
  • She wished she could tell you.
  • She wrote so she could live.
  • You let too much define you.
  • She loved stories more than reality.
  • She loved not much but many.
  • Time has a way of staining.

What about you?

Do you have any six word phrases to describe life? Feel free to share.


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