Bigger On the Inside

So I’ve been writing this for a few weeks now (by a few I mean at least a month). And after you read it it’s likely that you will have a moment of “why’d it take you so dang long?” (This is where I would say “I don’t know why it took me so long to write this but…….”). But the truth is, I do know why. This was like writing a memory that never happened, it was like I was remembering something that wa never there. But how is that possible? Perhaps it’s not…so it did happen….

“let’s build a fort.” He said. 

“And Inside we’ll hide our dreams.” As if they were living, 

or so we made it seem,

And so we built and built,

Staying huddled between the sheets,

With all the beauty of the stars above our heads,

And the world at our feet.
With never anyone to please,

Inside we hid our dreams,

Giving everything to the other.

He whispered magic in my ears,

And I drew him pictures without fears,

The fort held all secrets, and wishes, and doors Into worlds without–
But one day we got older and though the fort stood,

It was never opened,

The things we hid inside were still alive,

Or so I believed,

For no one else would

Because the world couldn’t touch, 

The children within had changed so much,

Never really leaving,

Just tucked away,

Always for safe keeping,

Hidden from the world,

And all it’s tough callouses.
Until one day he brought me in, 

and said “let’s hide our fears,” 

And so we crawled inside,

Too big for the memories tucked away behind,

Out stuck our feet,

And with them our lives,

Not knowing that we’d piled so many things inside,

We’d grown bigger 

and with that our doubts,

Of ever having magic,

For now we must be balanced out.

Dreaming was for children,

And the fears that lived in nightmares,

So we hid them.
But we never forgot,

For we never fit in,

With the comfortable crowd,

We made our own way,

And made stories as we went,

Just two little children alone in their tent,

Facing the world and hiding their dreams,

So the world couldn’t crush them beneath their feet,

They kept us safe,

And they kept us loving,

For no matter what we outgrew,

The crumbled papers 

Stayed our fairy dust,

For us to secretly wish on

Whenever any plot holes came along,


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