My Muse: Not Such a Long Story

Having a Muse is a Hell most People will Never Understand


Having a muse is a Hell most people will never understand

I’m sorry if you haven’t met her yet because she tends to be

quite lovely,

however I can tell you that she’ll never show up

when you want her to,

and she always seems to wander off.

I’m sure she’s still working she just doesn’t like to tell me,

or maybe I just have some issues listening.

I know she’s always there but I miss her way too often.

She’s what makes me see things most others wouldn’t notice.

Her favorite weather is the rain and her heart lives in the fall.

She likes to keep me up at night

and I love to share my space with her.

I know she won’t work unless she’s had her coffee

and she’s way too quick to fall in love.

I think I shut her up more than i ever should,

because she makes me feel too much.

It’s a Hell because it’s me and there’s nothing I can do.

I can make a muse

out of something that I see but that’s just her falling

in love with something that she sees.

If I can’t find her then I can’t find me.

Talk about a living Hell in which it’s

not that you can’t be you,

it’s that there’s way too many

times that you don’t really know who you is,

she knows but

I’m not paying enough attention or I just don’t know

what to do with it.


 Photo credit to: Death By Stock


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