Did You Die?

Wow! I am terrible…

So let me begin with a few of the lamest excuses ever for not having posted in what feels like an eternity. Number 1. The extreme lack of Internet connection and Number 1.2 the fact that the WordPress app for my phone refuses to open. And excuse Number 2. I haven’t finished a dang bit of writing since my life turned upside down a bit and took me for a ride. Writing has happened at work, but I can’t say I remember the last creative thought that I actually got to finish. This is no ones fault though I am a little unhappy with my brain these past few weeks. I haven’t really given it any quiet time though either…every moment seems to be spent distracted with something. It’s not that I haven’t written, I just hate the idea of sharing an unfinished thought. Which is why I’m going to leave you hanging for now…I feel the need to be ironic. Oh and it’s way past my bedtime.


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