Never Alone, With Your Own Mind.

She walked the streets at night,

Lit only by the fairy lights,

How lonely they must be,

She thought,

Trapped out here alone.


Not worried about what hid in the dark,

Because the footprints in the snow,

Kept the shadows in the dark.


Never afraid of losing her way,

Because the man in the moon

Was always there to guide her home.


She walked the streets she thought alone,

Until the stars came out to keep her company.

And the wind came out to play,

Nipping at her fingers tucked safely in her pockets.


Watching the lone dragons breath rise from the grates beneath her feet.


The seasons changed as she did,

With every step it seemed,

The wind always blowing her further from where she stood before.

Looking back at the footprints in the snow,

She smiled up at the man on the moon,

And then at the fairies in their homes,

Knowing she never walked alone.


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