When We Stopped Time

“Hurry.” he said

Grabbing my hand,

“Let’s escape time.”

And so we ran,

Silhouettes against the sunset sky,

With life following

A little too close behind.

So we danced like gypsies

Stealing the night,

Fooling life into thinking

It needed to stop,

While we played like children,

Who would never grow up,



And around,

Shouting out dreams,

Arms wide,

Into the stars.

With our fears at home

Hiding under the covers,

Afraid of the dark;

The world was our playground,

And the sky had no limits.

But then the sun began to rise,

So we sat quietly


Silently bargaining with the night.

The darkness breathed deeply,

And let out a sigh,

Letting the magic last

A few moments longer.

But as the streetlights left,




We walked home,

Letting time catch up,

Waking the world out of their dreams,

As we slipped under the covers

Ready to keep dreaming.



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