Everyday Mundane

How many times do we sit and wish for something more? How often do we look at the lives of others and wish that we had exactly what they’ve got? Blinding ourselves to the beauty of what our own lives hold and the magical moments that we miss; until they become memories and we realize we didn’t enjoy them as we ought to have done. How many times do we sit and wish for a life that isn’t ours; something more exciting, with more love, adventure, bravery, happiness, purpose….? You have a purpose, what seems mundane is merely a purpose with the wrong perspective. Nothing you do is pointless. The things you are “missing out on” aren’t meant for you, at least not yet. You’re bravery, your love, your excitement, your adventures will look different than everyone else’s because they are yours and yours alone; specifically designed for you. And that doesn’t make them any less. There is so much magic in your everyday, don’t wait till it’s a memory to see it.


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