A Friend Called Silence

Her soul sat quietly
for the first time in a while,
so quiet in fact
she hardly knew what
to do with it,
as it breathed
quiet sighs of relief,
the silence laughed at her
for forgetting his name,
for he’d always been there,
she just forgot
to slow down long enough
to remember he was still
a friend.


A Letter to You

If I ever let you
think I didn’t care,
I’m sorry.
But, for some reason,
I never wanted
you to think
I cared too much.
Because somehow,
that meant you could
break my heart
that much harder.
So in the end,
I broke it for you.
And you’ll never even know it.
Hey, I never said
it was a good idea.


Her mind is so full,

That all her thoughts

Keep bumping into each other,

And getting tangled up,

But everytime she tries to get one out,

She finds there’s too many tied together,

To just get one out,

Sometimes it’s all or nothing,

And sometimes her mind

Settles for the nothing.


I Loved Me Today

I loved myself today,

Without even realizing

That I’d done it,

I smiled,

And laughed,

And dressed up just for me,

Without a care

Of what anyone else

Thought of me,

Because I loved me,

And today,

That’s all that matters.


Everyday Mundane

How many times do we sit and wish for something more? How often do we look at the lives of others and wish that we had exactly what they’ve got? Blinding ourselves to the beauty of what our own lives hold and the magical moments that we miss; until they become memories and we realize we didn’t enjoy them as we ought to have done. How many times do we sit and wish for a life that isn’t ours; something more exciting, with more love, adventure, bravery, happiness, purpose….? You have a purpose, what seems mundane is merely a purpose with the wrong perspective. Nothing you do is pointless. The things you are “missing out on” aren’t meant for you, at least not yet. You’re bravery, your love, your excitement, your adventures will look different than everyone else’s because they are yours and yours alone; specifically designed for you. And that doesn’t make them any less. There is so much magic in your everyday, don’t wait till it’s a memory to see it.

When We Stopped Time

“Hurry.” he said

Grabbing my hand,

“Let’s escape time.”

And so we ran,

Silhouettes against the sunset sky,

With life following

A little too close behind.

So we danced like gypsies

Stealing the night,

Fooling life into thinking

It needed to stop,

While we played like children,

Who would never grow up,



And around,

Shouting out dreams,

Arms wide,

Into the stars.

With our fears at home

Hiding under the covers,

Afraid of the dark;

The world was our playground,

And the sky had no limits.

But then the sun began to rise,

So we sat quietly


Silently bargaining with the night.

The darkness breathed deeply,

And let out a sigh,

Letting the magic last

A few moments longer.

But as the streetlights left,




We walked home,

Letting time catch up,

Waking the world out of their dreams,

As we slipped under the covers

Ready to keep dreaming.


The Space Between Moments

She’s that time between seconds,

That moment between breathes,

The unspoken words between the lines,

The leaves as they fall,

The embers snuffed out by the sky,

She’s that moment that you blink, She’s a moment missed,

Without ever realizing it,

Escaping your grasp

Like the fragmented light

Between your fingertips,

That only looks like it’s safe to grab.


He was.

He was thunderstorms,

And the view from up high,

A cloudless night sky,

And a bittersweet good-bye,

He was second chances,

new beginnings,

And surprise endings,

He was the kind of person

Who was everything

That terrified her,

And challenged her,

But everything she loved.


She Wished for a Quiet Soul

She grew tired,

Not in the take a nap tired,

But in the restless,

Can’t stop moving,

Have to go,


She didn’t want a restless heart,

A heart that never fully

Felt content

Staying in one place,

Somehow it felt wrong,

Not being completely

Happy exactly where

She was.

She danced,

Without reason

Or rhythm to go with,

She danced because

She could contain it

No longer,

For one reason or another

She had to free herself,

If even from herself.