Learning to Live


Suicide Prevention Day

In honor of Suicide Prevention Day, I am reposting this from a couple of years ago. I want you to know how loved you are, how important you are, and how much you are still needed here. Stay strong, you have a purpose. And you are further than you think you are.

You are further, Further than you were yesterday,
Even further than just a few minutes ago.
But not tomorrow,
You don’t want to be that far yet.
You don’t have the grace for what it brings,
You only have the grace for now,
And ‘now’ means you’ve come a long way.
If you have a ‘now’ it means you had a ‘then’.
You survived then.
Look back,
I promise, you are much further
Than you thought,
Now keep walking.

Burn Notice



Forever Letting Go

She climbed to the top of her


And then she let them go,

All her dreams,

Her worries,

Her desires and her fears,

Letting the wind blow them

Up into the stars,

As they crumbled beneath her feet,

Knowing full well

She’d have to climb back up

Again tomorrow,

And let them go again,

Because somehow they always

Found their way back

Into her hands.


Soul Watching

I don’t understand how people go into coffee shops (or anywhere for that matter) and sit in their own little worlds for hours on end. Never looking up from their own businesses. Especially when there are so many people, lives passing right by them. Souls too beautiful not to notice.


A Friend Called Silence

Her soul sat quietly
for the first time in a while,
so quiet in fact
she hardly knew what
to do with it,
as it breathed
quiet sighs of relief,
the silence laughed at her
for forgetting his name,
for he’d always been there,
she just forgot
to slow down long enough
to remember he was still
a friend.

A Letter to You

If I ever let you
think I didn’t care,
I’m sorry.
But, for some reason,
I never wanted
you to think
I cared too much.
Because somehow,
that meant you could
break my heart
that much harder.
So in the end,
I broke it for you.
And you’ll never even know it.
Hey, I never said
it was a good idea.


Her mind is so full,

That all her thoughts

Keep bumping into each other,

And getting tangled up,

But everytime she tries to get one out,

She finds there’s too many tied together,

To just get one out,

Sometimes it’s all or nothing,

And sometimes her mind

Settles for the nothing.