Little Hands, Beautiful Minds

No time to put on shoes,

she ran,

from the kitchen with a handful of glasses to catch the rain,

back and forth she went,

till the cupboard was emptied of everything of use,

and the driveway was scattered with glasses half full,

tears came down her face

as she watched the raindrops hit the ground,

trying to smile she looked up at the sky,

begging it not to cry,

she couldn’t understand what had made it so upset.

“Honey, what’s the matter?”

“The sky is crying mommy, and I couldn’t catch it’s tears.”

“But that’s what the ground is for,

it catches all the tears that the clouds cry,

and it grows flowers to make the sky happy again.”


Just a little story for a rainy day…take of it what you will, hopefully it made you smile a little.

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Without Thought

I wouldn’t mind being stupid with you again. And I feel evil for thinking it, I hope no one ever hears me admit it. I’m not sure if it’s because I trust you or…maybe both, the point is I can’t help it, though I wish I could. You’re not so innocent yourself, you just won’t admit it. Damn you for being so stupid.

For once I want to act without thinking (sober). I want to do something because it feels good, and not because its the right thing (or because someone said so). But I guess that isn’t possible, is it? Not for a mind that imagines eight hundred scenarios before any action has even been taken. I guess that’s just my excuse, if I say “It just happened…” or  “I hadn’t thought about it…” then somehow I feel like that might make me feel (not so much) a little better (at least beforehand) about myself. I want to be stupid and reckless without having to feel like its the end of the world afterward…I don’t want to have to make excuses.

One of the greatest poets of all time E.E. Cummings said that “Exists no miracle mightier than this: to feel” Well as much as I love that man and his words….he was an idiot. At least in that perspective. While feeling is in fact an astonishing miracle…when you feel as much as I do, it is no longer a miracle but a curse; always to be embedded upon your back, gripping your heart with every word, glance, hug, wave, smile, invitation…….or lack thereof.