Apple PickingĀ 

I won’t stay quiet forever,
I’m sick of going silently insane,
Not saying a word
For the sake of everyone but me.
Screaming on the inside
At all the fake around me,
Can none of you see it?
Pretty on the outside,
But rotten to the core,
Stop trying to deceive me,
And just pick one already.
Put down the facade
And show me something real. 


The Floor Likes Hugs Too

Quiet? No. In fact I say a lot,

You just don’t listen close enough,

I speak through more than just my words,

And I wish that you could understand,

I hide my face among the clouds,

Lying on the floor

In the bottom of my mind,

Sometimes praying to exist,

I’m the shadow,

I’m the light,

I’m the death of myself,

Never black and never white,

Silence doesn’t have to be sadness,

and sometimes maybe the floor just needs a hug.

People often wonder why it is that I’m so quiet, and I often wonder that myself. But the truth is, the world needs more quiet people, people with loud minds and big imaginations. The world needs more quiet people because there is always someone that needs someone to talk to, someone who will just sit, and listen as they go on and on about the problems of the world until they realize they’ve solved it themselves. Someone to listen without input, who isn’t just listening so that they can respond.