Pandora’ s Box

She had a box

She kept inside,

Of wishes,


And magical things,

Of things she longed for

and things she thought

would never happen,

But she kept them anyway,

knowing them,

like a list on the back of her hand,

never really believing

That any would come true,

But hoping for them anyway.



Trust Fall

It wasn’t that she trusted herself

To fly,

it was that she trusted

Him enough to fall into His arms,

knowing that regardless

Of how far she fell,

He would always catch her.


Sidewalk Soul

The cracks inside her soul went deep,

some going further than they seemed,

but each time it rained

the flowers grew

between the lines

of her sidewalk soul,

making her smile

at the seeds

that planted them there.




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Light Years Away

The fire in her eyes burned bright,

But like the stars

The light took time

To reach the eyes of those

Who looked at her,

And it often went unnoticed

By those who only gazed,

Without getting to know

The constellations.


Photo Credit: courtney_meier Flickr via Compfight cc

Same Mountains as You

Broken at His Feet

I wish I could take it all away

And bottle it up in jars of clay,

All the tears And all the pain,

Stored away on the top shelf,

Out of reach from human hands,

Or felt by human hearts,

But what these jars contain

Is much more than what we think,

And would be wasted If left sitting on the shelf,

We carry them with us,

We carry them in us,

Always for a higher purpose

Than what our teary eyes can see,

Broken before a King,

All the content falling apart Before

His feet.


If a Tree Lands in the Forest…

Silent? No.

She wasn’t silent,

She was a thousand trees,

falling in a thousand forests,

With her head in the clouds,

just waiting to come down.

With no one around

To hear her land.


Tea With a Hatter

She drank life by the tea cup full,

Sometimes too fast

Taking in too much,

Burning her tongue,

Sometimes too slow

So that by the time She finished,

It had grown lukewarm

And eventually cold.

Waiting too long or

Not long enough

Before taking a sip

Or regretfully a gulp.

But she took it in

Trying her best to sit up straight,

With a smile on her face

Even when the tea became bitter,

And the party grew sparse.


The Gift of Seasons

She folded the soft orange blanket

That had been speckled red over time,


hugging it tight as the wind

Tried hard to pull it away

To join the other lost blankets

Decorating the ground,


she took a deep breath,

Letting it go as a gift to the wind,

And welcomed quietly the cold.


Photo Credit: Foto Pau Flickr via Compfight cc

Autumn Sighs

I wander if Autumn ever gets scared,

Knowing it will soon

Loose it’s splendor

In submission to the changing

Breathe of Winter,

Or if it welcomes it with open arms,

In surrender of the change,

Knowing that it’s time has passed

And that it must move on,

Delivering itself to the desolate

Wonder that lies ahead.

Or if it sighs not wanting to give in

To the beauty that it knows is waiting,

Because it would mean losing

Something first.


Photo Credit: isiltasuna Flickr via Compfight cc